Poster Awards

Best Poster Awards 

All winners received a certificate and a prize money.


Session P1 MONDAY

P1-12 - Chemical Vapour Deposition Graphene Hall Probes for High Resolution Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy, D. Collomb, P. Li, S. Bending

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Session P2 TUESDAY

P2-1 - Magnetic cytometry tool based on bacteriophage bioconjugates for the detection of high-risk bacterial infections in hospital environment, A. Soares, J. João, J. Lampreia, R. Afonso, V.C. Martins, S. Cardoso

P2-14 Magnetic domain activity and detection limit of thin film magnetoelectric sensors, D. Meyners, M.J. Klug, N.O. Urs, L. Thormählen, S. Toxværd, M. Höft, E. Quandt, J. McCord


P3-10 - Magnetotransport measurements of magnetic tunnel junctions with continuous applied temperature, P.D.R. Araújo, R. Santos, J. Fidalgo, M. Silva, F. Franco, D.C. Leitao, S. Cardoso, P.P. Freitas


P4-18 - Designing Airgap-Stable Magnetic Position Systems by Field Shaping, M. Ortner, P. Malago

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