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Nordiko is a technology based company with a significant knowledge base in thin film deposition and surface modification. Nordiko offers a range of affordable equipment targeted at development, laboratory, and production applications. Nordiko [est. in 1972] has 40 years experience of thin film.


Nordiko's sputtering technology is both mature and innovative benefitting from knowledge gained over almost 40 years.Their ion-beam technology is used both in milling (etching) and deposition applications. Patented plasma source and ion accelerator designs are deployed in a range of broad ion beam sources from 10 to 30 cm. Their product range encompasses stand-alone systems targeted at academia and RD&I, also batch tools for pilot production and systems that integrate our process modules with capable and yet affordable wafer handling platforms for advanced material applications and higher throughput.

Know more @ http://nordiko-tech.co.uk/


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